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Our Services

We offer the following services to grow your personal brand and succeed online.

Personal Blog

We create your dream blog, tailored to your style. From design flair to cool features, we're here for your online journey. 🚀

INR 25,000/- All Inclusive

What’s Included

1. Free Domain Name of your choice

2. Complete Blog set-up

3. Premium images from Shutterstock

4. 10 Articles, all SEO optimized

5. Newsletter set-up (Mailchimp)

6. Social media integrations (Any 3)

7. Any special requests for customization


We craft your ideal website, blending style and functionality. Elevate your online presence with a website as unique as you. 🚀

INR 35,000/- All Inclusive

What’s Included

1. Free Domain Name of your choice

2. Complete Website set-up (Upto 5 Pages)

3. Design and branding (Logo & Banner)

3. Premium images from Shutterstock

4. 15 Articles, all SEO optimized

5. Newsletter set-up (Mailchimp)

6. Social media integrations (Any 4)

7. Any special requests for customization

LinkedIn Profile Creation

Elevate your professional brand with a standout LinkedIn profile. Let's tell your story and make connections! 🚀

INR 20,000/- All Inclusive

What’s Included

1. Free complete LinkedIn profile audit

2. Professional headshot profile image

3. Premium images from Shutterstock

4. 10 Posts to get you started

5. LinkedIn newsletter set-up

6. Setting up “LinkedIn Live”. Stream live to
     your followers

7. Setting up “LinkedIn Podcasts”. Host an
     audio event for your followers

8. Training on follower count increase and
      email outreach

9. AI plugins to automate responses,
     outreach and messaging

10. E-mail finder for any profile

E-Commerce Store

Elevate your brand with a personalized e-commerce store. Craft a shopping experience that reflects your unique style. 🚀

INR 75,000/- All Inclusive

What’s Included

1. Free Domain Name of your choice

2. Complete store set-up (Shopify)

3. Design & branding (Logo & Banner) 

4. Catalog creation (15 products)

5. Payment gateway integration

6. Shipping set-up

7. 10 blog articles for your niche to drive

8. Newsletter set-up (Mailchimp)

9. Social media integrations (Any 3)

10. Launch & Promotion (Facebook Ads)

11. Analytics and reporting set-up

12. WhatsApp integration

About Us

Hello 👋! I'm Pranjal.

I'm your go-to-guy for everything you need here on freecomstarter.com.

With over a decade of marketing expertise, I understand the challenges individuals face when attempting to establish an online presence. Despite the abundance of online tutorials, the journey can be overwhelming. Engaging with website developers and designers often results in frustration, causing many to abandon their online aspirations.

At freecomstarter.com, we've assembled a team of highly skilled designers and copywriters, each excelling in their respective fields. Our mission is to expedite your online presence without the hassles commonly associated with the process.

Feel free to explore our offerings, and should you have any inquiries or require assistance, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


How We Work

We have a very simple workflow to get you started. NO HASSLES GUARANTEED.

Initial Briefing Call

We get on a call with you to understand your requirements. We make a service agreement to clearly write down every detail and share it with you.

Payment for Task

You pay for the desired tasks. Yes, we ask for payment upfront. It helps our business running smoothly and we can focus on what matters the most i.e. You!

Project Development

We start the project development. In the course of development we provide UNLIMITED iterations till you are 100% satisfied with the final output.

Task Delivery

We deliver the project to you with all the final files and necessary commercial licences for the images etc. used in the project.
Your online journey starts!

Our Portfolio

Click on the thumbnails below to view the live demo of our portfolio sites.

Need Consultation on Personal Branding?

If you find yourself lost in the intricacies of personal branding, We're here to help you out.

Together, we'll uncover your unique strengths, passions, and values. From there, we'll craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience and propels you toward your goals.

Client Testimonials

"Pranjal was super responsive from the first go. He delivered an excellent website for my business. Everything was very professionally done. Highly recommended!"
Alice Kakkar
"You don't really come across a professional who is as good in content as in design. Fortunately for me Pranjal delivered on the promise and even more on some instances. My best wishes to the entire team at freecomstarter.com"
Ankit Madan
Throughout the process, Pranjal was not only a skilled professional but also a collaborative partner. His communication was clear, and he ensured that my vision was not only heard but exceeded. I now have a personal brand that not only resonates with me but also leaves a lasting impression on my audience.
Jessica Goodwill


Good question! For starters we provide UNLIMITED iterations till the time you are satisfied without charging any extra cost. We also provide FREE training to kickstart your online journey and as a customer you can always reach out to us if you need any support even months after we have delivered your project.

In our past experience doing a payment follow-up with clients for the services delivered has been a nightmare. There have been cases when we didn’t receive our payment. It is just to ensure that you have our best interest in mind as we have yours.

Well it’s quite unlikely that you’ll not like what we deliver but nevertheless if such a case arises here’s the refund conditions:

 1. Refund request after FIRST draft submission – we’ll deduct 25% of the fee and refund the rest

2. Refund request after SECOND draft submission – we’ll deduct 50% of the fee and refund the rest

3. Refund request after THIRD draft submission – we’ll deduct 75% of the fee and refund the rest

There will be no refunds after the THIRD draft submission. However you can demand UNLIMITED change requests till the time you are satisfied at any given point during the project development.

We hope you’ll understand that these conditions are to ensure our effort costs are covered. Please keep in mind that we’ll be deleting all the files and backend settings for any of the blog/website/ online store delivered if a refund request is raised. This is just to safe-guard ourselves from the bad actors 🙂

On average simple requests for a blog/ website takes around 4 days or less. 

An e-com store takes around 7 days or less.

A LinkedIn profile optimization takes around 3 days or less.

Any complex request or special customization for any of the above might attract more days and it will be informed to you in the initial briefing call itself.

No worries we’ll continue to revise the designs till you are 100% satisfied.

Not at all. Our workflow is designed to be user-friendly and I, myself will guide you through the process personally. No technical expertise is required at your end.

Absolutely. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your blog/website/e-com store remains up-to-date and performs optimally. It is however chargeable and the price will be quoted to you basis the work required.

Yes, once the project is completed and any outstanding fees are settled, you will have full ownership of your blog/website/e-com store.

Yes we do offer these services as well. Please book a call with us to know more about the pricing.

We can certainly help with that. Whether you need a redesign, additional features, or performance improvements, we can do that for you. However the fees will be the same as mentioned in the pricing.

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